Create Your Own Games/Apps to Reinforce Your Lessons

Give your students games and apps to run on their cellphones, tablets and home computers to reinforce what you are teaching in the classroom. Add in your class content and make it fun and challenging and give them practice with your material.

    Make learning fun for them in the digital world that they grew up in and feel comfortable with. 

They can practice problems, reinforce concepts and review classwork anywhere and anytime on their own devices, at home, on the bus, in the car, between classes and in their free time. Use their proclivity for games and apps to help them learn your subject matter.


To teach adults an understanding of basic programming constructs enough to customize apps/games to provide their students with entertaining, educational and personalized programs to run on their own devices out of school and at home. They will learn not to write programs from scratch but how to simply modify pre-existing ones and add their own graphics, content and enhancements 

No programming skills needed. Just basic knowledge of importing your own graphics, attaching them to the objects and adding your own messages/content. All that you need to know can be learned in a few short lessons. 

Pick and choose from different games and apps. Add your own content. Use your own graphics, add timers, add student faces/names, track progress and more. Be creative, make it fun.

There will be many templates and working models for you to choose from. Soon you will be modifying the actions and even creating your own ones from scratch. Many games, apps and programs will be made available and used in the instruction. There are ones for every level from preschool thru high school. 

This includes:

Automated Templates:

  1. Animal Wizard - Simple program that adds to its knowledge as it goes. Great example of what you can do and a good launch point for many useful educational programs. 
  2. QuizMaster - App/program that loads questions from a file that you can easily make. Much like KaHoots but a standalone program. Have separate files for each topic that your students can load and practice with. They can also make their own questions. Make funny ones, make stumpers, make sarcastic ones - anything that gets them thinking and working with your class material
  3. ChatBot - App/program that loads its knowledge from a file on any subject. Like chatbots, Siri, etc. 


  1. Push Me.livecode - Simple button program to get used to the LiveCode IDE (Interactive Development Environment). It introduces the Answer command
  2. Welcome.livecode - This adds the answer command with custom choices, the Ask command and the If statement for making choices
  3. Drag and Drop.livecode - This is for drag and drop games
  4. mc_Drag and Drop.livecode - This adds multiple cards (levels) with previous and next buttons
  5. Matching.livecode - This has many items to match
  6. mc_matching.livecode - this has multiple levels
  7. action_game.livecode - this has moving objects to avoid or collect
  8. actionexample.livecode - this has graphics attached to the objects to show a simple game of collecting the vowels
  9. chatbot_base and myChatbot.txt - these work together to make a chatbot (Siri) 

Some Sample Apps, Games and Programs That You Can Modify (with LiveCode source):

           Other Sample Games and Programs that you can use to add your content or modify for your students/purposes

Looking for Ideas? 

    Here are some videos of games and apps that the students have produced. They show you what is possible and may give you some ideas...

Educational - Older Students

Learn Japanese - Good learning app with advanced features. Learn Japanese language symbols  

Civics App - an app to help study Civics (chatbot, puzzle and various games)

EmpiroPedia - App of the most powerful empires in history 
Type It! - Excellent typing practice app with many levels from easy to difficult. Professionally done
Piano - Interactive piano game - learn the scales and chords
Math Practice App - nicely done video and an excellent app to practice your math.
Chemistry - Scroll to the very bottom of the page to see the screenshot of a chemistry app one student wrote

Educational - Younger Students

Game Page - a collection of challenges for young children on numbers, letters and colors

Learning Basic Spanish for Kids - Educational game - "Colors, Animals, Foods, Body Parts, Classroom Materials and Greetings"

Math Practice App - nicely done video and an excellent app to practice your math.

Useful Apps

Screenshots of many examples
Cancer App
 -  Helps determine correlations between individual genes and the effectiveness of cancer research results 
Schedule Generator - Records your study habits and helps make a schedule. Time Management App
Manager - A manager app that allows you to organize work, school, and/or lifestyle activities
Gallery+ - Create photo albums, tag photos and retrieve them

Match My Order - Well done video. Fast-paced game, good graphics, good start with some difficult programming problems already solved
Bomb Defuse - Well done game to try to defuse the bombs before they go off
Memflash - A memory game to use to improve your memory


Common Ground Presentation: 
      CG2017 Create Your Own Class Games and Apps
      CG2017_You Can Teach Apps and Games