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Learning to Create Games, Apps and Programs,
Fast and Easy

Who Is This Website For?

Programmers - "The Joy of Programming"
   for your review:

  • Learn to program your own games and apps
  • Learn logic, problem solving, creativity, computational thinking and how to make computers do what you want
  • Create programs using artificial intelligence, BigData, graphics, photos, and more...
  • Write useful computer programs to help with school and homework

Teachers -
    For classroom use:

  • Create programs with your class material in them, for your students to use in-class or at home.
  • Create mobile phone games for your students to use to practice and review with.
  • Create apps for them to review and use for reference.
  • Design your own games and apps with class material in them.
  • Give them versions to play at home on their phones (Android or iPhone), tablets and computers (Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • Customize them with your graphics (student photos, animations, school mascot, pets, etc)
     To teach computers and programming:
  • Teach programming to all ages of children
  • Show them how to easily write programs, games and apps for their home computers, laptops, tablets or cellphones.
  • Help them write useful programs to help them with their math, English and other subjects

  • Establish a Computer Club in your school with projects to encourage and support girls and minorities to participate
  • Create computer/programming classes in your school
  • Enable any teacher to teach programming with no previous experience

Staff and Others
  • Learn to write programs for home and work, for fun or profit
  • Learn to convert them to apps to run on your cellphone or tablet

For your review: